As scientists report, Christ’s tomb has been unsealed after centuries

Approximately in 132 BC the Emperor Hadrian of Rome began construction of Aelia Capitolina city on the remains of Jerusalem. With expansion and building of the church of Venus the location where Jesus was placed after crucifixion was destroyed. After 200 years when...
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Planned Construction on Gomi Street, which Changes the Scape of the Quarter

The Council of Cultural Heritage of Tbilisi Architecture Service has affirmed the construction of three-storey building project. According to the document the consent has been given for the adjustment of the roof. ICOMOS Georgia is stating the reasons why it is...
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German Villages Lost in Tbilisi

Next year, it will be two centuries since the first man from Baden-Württemberg stepped onto Georgian soil and founded the first German colony nearby Tbilisi together with other 30 families. It is, understandably, hard to imagine that Swabians from Wurttemberg traveled...
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Blue Shield Georgia tries to engage and train volunteers for the protection of cultural heritage in emergency situations

Risk Preparedness

Blue Shield Georgia assists museums, archives, sites and libraries in the development of risk preparedness and risk management plans

Youth & Campaigns

Blue Shield Georgia wishes to implement cultural heritage education programmes throughout Georgia and get the youth more actively involved in heritage protection.

Statements & Petitions

Blue Shield Georgia reacts locally and internationally upon the facts of damage to Georgia’s cultural heritage, including that on the occupied territories.


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