With funding from the International Alliance for the Protection of Cultural Heritage in Conflict Regions – ALIPH foundation, special studies are being conducted on the current state of the museum collections of Kaspi Municipality.

In order to create well-informed documentation, the following activities are planned  within the framework of the project:

Museum Environment study

This activity will include the 3-month-long process of recording environmental conditions in each museum. After collecting the data, it will be analyzed and the final report on the museum environment will be created.

Study of the Museum Collections

Questionnaires will be prepared in order to evaluate existing and potential threats and damages to the collections. Questionnaires to be filled out by the staff of the museum and an analysis report will be created.

Mycological Study

The mycological study will analyze samples from each museum and create a report based on the findings. 

Museums involved in the project: 

Kaspi Museum of Local Lore 

Jambakur-Orbeliani Palace-Museum

House-Museum of Ivane Javakhishvili

House-Museum of Giorgi Mazniashvili 

Project period: September 2023 – January 2024

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