The Council of Cultural Heritage of Tbilisi Architecture Service has affirmed the construction of three-storey building project. According to the document the consent has been given for the adjustment of the roof.

ICOMOS Georgia is stating the reasons why it is impermissible to heighten the roof of the mentioned building:

1. The building on Gomi Street N1 was constructed in 2007. At that time ICOMOS Georgia was addressing the Architecture Service with recommendations and was demanding the consideration of calculated risks in Betlemi Quarter. The above mentioned became an issue for the buyer. For maintaining 3 floors the owner kept the roof flat and placed the upper parapet slightly below the saddle of the former building. The new owner of the construction is planning to heighten the roof with light construction. In ICOMOS Georgia’s view, the above mentioned changes will damage the spatial structure of the district.

Historical roof of the building on Gomi st. N1

Historical roof of the building on Gomi st. N1

2. The building is located right in front of Ateshga of Tbilisi. Another reason is that the heightened roof will spoil the view from Ateshga to Kala.


View from Ateshga Platform

3. The construction on Gomi Street N1 has destroyed the gate, located on Gomi Street 5/12, which has not been restored yet.

4. The outer wall of the building on Gomi Street N1 was spread to Gomi Street N5/12 and was much lower in height. The current height of facade is hindering to perceive the trapeze shape of the building on Gomi Street N5/12.

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