Georgian National Committee of the Blue Shield is pleased to inform wider public about becoming a recipient of The International alliance for the protection of heritage in conflict areas (ALIPH) Fund to undertake a project “Planning for the Safeguarding of Cultural Heritage of Gori, Georgia” at Sergi Makalatia Gori Historical and Ethnographic museum.

Project that will take start in January 2020 will last two years and it will aim at establishing a Disaster Risk Management Plan for armed conflict for the Gori Museum, documenting it’s collections, improving storage conditions, enhancing  capacity in preventive conservation and in first aid to cultural heritage of the Gori and other shida Kartli museum staff . The project will also address enhancing civil-military cooperation among state authorities responsible for the protection of cultural heritage.

For the implementation of the activities planned within the scope of the project will be invited local and international experts, including representatives of Blue Shield International, international experts in preventive conservation and first aid to cultural heritage.

Among the winning projects of the second ALIPH grant competition, along with the Gori Museum project, are projects aiming at conservation of the Buddhist cultural heritage on the territory of Afghanistan, Protection, Preservation and Promotion of Palestinian Cultural Heritage in the Gaza Strip, conservation of mosaics in Mosul (Iraq), etc. For more information on the project proposals, please see the document.

Sergi Makalatia Gori Historical and Ethnographic Museum

On the initiative of Gori society and with the support of Iv. Javakhishvili, S.Makalatia and I.Kipshidze, in 1935 the Museum of Local History was founded in Gori, which in 1943 was transformed into a historical-ethnographic museum. In 2005 the museum was named after Prof. Sergi Makalatia. Due to expeditions undertaken by museum since 1930’s and to the abundance of materials from all over Georgia, Gori soon became the main museum facility of Shida Kartli. The museum houses over 90,000 exhibits: archaeological and ethnographic artifacts, photo, film and audio archives, manuscripts and epigraphic objects.

The International alliance for the protection of heritage in conflict areas (ALIPH) 

The International alliance for the protection of heritage in conflict areas (ALIPH) provides concrete support for the protection and reconstruction of cultural heritage in conflict zones and post-conflict situations. The Alliance was founded in March 2017 in response to the massive destruction of outstanding, often ancient, cultural heritage in recent years. Operating under Swiss law, this Geneva-based foundation, also has the status of an international organization.



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