Location: Tbilisi Chess Palace and Alpine Club

Date: 18.05.19

Within the scope of European Night of museums initiative

 GNCBS has announced a call for professional and Amateur photographers to collect photos depicting late soviet modernist architecture in Georgia.

Selected images, in digital format (slideshow by Nini Palavandishvili, Music Nikakoi) together with the video produced within the scope of the project, videos about soviet modernist architecture in Georgia (Artarea Tv) and a video dedicated to the Tbilisi Chess Palace and Alpine Club (Radio Freedom), were displayed on three monitors at the entrance of Tbilisi Chess Palace and Alpine Club.


The visitors had a chance to visit the Museum of Alpinism, which for this day only, was open from 21:00 until 23:00.

On the exhibition were displayed concepts of interpretation center of Tbilisi Chess Palace and Alpine Club, prepared within the scope of the workshop that took place a week before the exhibition.


The audience had also a chance to take a tour in the main hall of the building and participate in a discussion about the fate of the building.

There were posters and stickers printers for this day, for the visitors.


The exhibition was organized within the scope of the European Night of Museums and was included in the official program of the day of Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of Georgian and ICOM Georgia among major museums of Georgia.

Even though we have no museum of architecture in Georgia and still fight for the preservation of many of our architectural gems, GNCBS took an opportunity to show the visitors the variety and beauty of late modernist structures in Georgia.




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