On September 18, 2022, Georgian National Committee of the Blue Shield participated in the inter-agency field exercise “Racha – 2022” organized by the National Guard of the Ministry of Defense of Georgia and the Emergency Management Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

As part of the training, a natural disaster scenario was played out, the Blue Shield team coordinated the evacuation of movable cultural heritage from a simulated archaeological site located in Oni Municipality, Racha-Lechkhumi Region and the Regional Museum located in Oni.

With the help of National Guard reservists’ teams and members of the General Mazniashvili Youth Legion, emergency documentation, packing and transportation of exhibits from the simulated field laboratory and the simulated storage of the Oni Museum took place to a safe shelter.

Blue Shield team participated for the 2nd time in such a training. In 2021, invited by the above agencies, Blue Shield Georgia participated in the field exercise “Paldo – 2021” held in Kakheti region, and in the spring of this year, the National Guard was actively involved in the planning and implementation of theoretical and practical training “Protection of cultural heritage during armed conflict” organized by Blue Shield Georgia, which took place in Tbilisi and Gori. Up to 50 persons from different agencies participated in it, including representatives of 12 museums of Shida Kartli.

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