Within the framework of the project “Protection of Intangible Heritage of the Occupied Regions”, a focus group meeting was held in Koda with the population of the occupied village of Kekhvi. IDPs from Kekvi spoke about the traditions and customs of their native village, which they practiced every year, and still haven’t forgotten about.

At the meeting, the participants spoke in detail about how Village Day, Easter, Shiooba, Angels Day, Korkotoba, New Year, and Chitpapoba were celebrated; They shared their knowledge of medicinal plants and also told us about fishing and hunting traditions, sacred places and toponyms. 

Since March 2022 the Georgian National Committee of the Blue Shield has been implementing a project “Protection of Intangible Heritage of Occupied Regions”.The project was made possible by Cultural Emergency Response Program grant (CER). The project aims to preserve the intangible heritage of the internally displaced population from the Tskhinvali region.

The partners of the project are Historical-Cultural Heritage Protection Center – a local NGO and University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology Cultural Heritage Center (PennCHC).

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