The wish for the Angels Day is the same every year – the dream of every person from Kekhvi is to celebrate the holiday on their native land.

When and how was the tradition celebrated? To talk about it, Nino Nadiradze hosted us at home, where she prepared boiled chicken, rolled Kada for the celebration together with the youngest members of the family. According to tradition, everything is placed in a cupboard together with wine, water, bazma (burnt walnut) and a candle, and a prayer to the angels is said.

The videos were prepared to help preserve the intangible cultural heritage of the occupied Tskhinvali region and will be available on an online portal.

The project to protect the intangible heritage of the occupied Tskhinvali region is implemented by the Georgian National Committee of the Blue Shield in partnership with the Historical and Cultural Heritage Preservation Center (HCHPC), Didi Liakhvi Valley Museum Reserve and the Penn Cultural Heritage Center (PennCHC) with the support of the Cultural Emergency Response (CER) grant.

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