Statement on the Sokhumi National Gallery Fire

Joint Statement by the National Committees of Blue Shield and ICOM Georgia Regarding the Fire at the National Gallery of Sukhumi. We express our deep concern and sorrow in response to the devastating fire that occurred at the National Art Gallery in Sokhumi on...
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Conference ‘Cultural Rights, Heritage Destruction, and the Future of Ukraine’ December, 2023

On December 4-8, Penn Cultural Heritage Center (Penn Cultural Heritage Center) organized a conference “Cultural Rights, Heritage Destruction, and the Future of Ukraine”, in Philadelphia, USA. A group of Cultural Heritage experts from Ukraine spoke about the damage to...
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New youth volunteering project – “Cultural Heritage First Aid in Crisis”

“First Aid to Cultural Heritage in Times of Crisis – Youth Volunteering Program” aims to expand the network of cultural heritage defenders in emergency situations within the country. The project involves retraining a team of trainers and with their...
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Preliminary Study of the Collections at Kaspi Municipality Museums has started

With funding from the International Alliance for the Protection of Cultural Heritage in Conflict Regions – ALIPH foundation, special studies are being conducted on the current state of the museum collections of Kaspi Municipality. In order to create...
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State of cultural heritage in the territory of the Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia, Georgia, Preliminary Observations

Cultural Heritage Sites By 2005, the wall paintings on the South wall containing the depiction of Bagrat III were severely damaged in the Bedia Cathedral (10th century). The cathedral is in poor physical condition as the roof is leaking, the walls have cracks and are...
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The chairperson of GNCBS participated in the second Tbilisi Women’s International Conference

On July 1, Manana Tevzadze, the chairperson of the Georgian National Committee of the Blue Shield, participated in the second Tbilisi Women’s International Conference and spoke about the activities of the Blue Shield Georgia at the thematic panel Women...
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Werestling tradition in Kekhvi

Duro Kakhniashvili tells us about the favorite entertainment activity of the occupied native village, which brought Ossetians and Georgians together. “Ossetians also came from Tskhinvali, they also wrestled… We respected each other very much… We hung...
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The war changed many things, but not the favorite activity. Roin Kakhniashvili tells us about his hometown and fishing. The video sketches were prepared for the preservation of the intangible cultural heritage of the occupied Tskhinvali region and will be posted on a...
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Blue Shield Georgia tries to engage and train volunteers for the protection of cultural heritage in emergency situations

Risk Preparedness

Blue Shield Georgia assists museums, archives, sites and libraries in the development of risk preparedness and risk management plans

Youth & Campaigns

Blue Shield Georgia wishes to implement cultural heritage education programmes throughout Georgia and get the youth more actively involved in heritage protection.

Statements & Petitions

Blue Shield Georgia reacts locally and internationally upon the facts of damage to Georgia’s cultural heritage, including that on the occupied territories.


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