Volunteers  –  Blue Shield Georgia tries to engage and train volunteers for the protection of cultural heritage in emergency situations

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Risk Preparedness  –  Blue Shield Georgia assists museums, archives, sites and libraries in the development of risk preparedness and risk management plans

Donor: Prince Claus Fund Cultural Emergency Response (CER) 

Young Heritage Activist Camps Preparatory Project

Within the framework of the project a 2 day introductory training in risk preparedness and risk mitigation measures for museums professionals from Mtskheta and Shida Kartli region was held in the town of Gori on October 21-22nd, 2015.

Recommendations for a risk-preparedness for Mtskheta Archaeological Museum’s new building were developed.

Project Partner: WATCH International and Georgian National Agency for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage


Youth & Campaigns  –  Blue Shield Georgia wishes to implement cultural heritage education programmes throughout Georgia and get the youth more actively involved in heritage protection.

Donor: Swedish Institute  –  Creative Force Programme Seed Funding

Enhance the capacity of Mtskheta museum reserve staff in risk preparedness and emergency response action 

The aim of the project was to conduct working meetings of the partner organisations – the Georgian National Committee of the Blue Shield and Cultural Heritage without Borders in order to discuss the joint project proposal regarding the organization of young heritage activists’ camp. Within the mission of CHwB Sweden and Albania office representatives to Georgia several meetings were held with various stakeholders of the project and the project proposal was further elaborated. The seed funding was also used to develop GNCBS’s website, print information brochures and assist with the organizational capacity building

Statements & Petitions – Blue Shield Georgia reacts locally and internationally upon the facts of damage to Georgia’s cultural heritage, including that on the occupied territories.

1. Blue Shield Georgia letter to international organisations regarding the developments on Ikorta Church and Tiri monastery situated in the occupied Tskhinvali region | 09.05.2013  See Link

2. Joint appeal towards international organisations regarding the situation of Georgia’s cultural heritage sites in the occupied territory of Abkhazia | 24.03.2014  See Link

3. Statement of Blue Shield Georgia regarding Dranda Church of the Holy Mother | 06.01.2014  See Link

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