Youth & Campaigns

Youth & Campaigns  –  Blue Shield Georgia wishes to implement cultural heritage education programmes throughout Georgia and get the youth more actively involved in heritage protection.

Youth Heritage Activists’ Camp
Donor: Forum Syd

The aim of Youth Heritage Activists’ Camp is to build capacity for youth involvement and activism for the protection of cultural and natural heritage resources, strengthen youth activists’ campaigning skills in order to increase their public awareness of heritage values, conservation and sustainable use, as well as, risk management issues.

YHAC consists of 4-day training camp on conservation of cultural and natural resources, their protection and management, as well as sharing information on heritage protection campaigns and the best practices of various countries.

Period: 04.2016 – 10.2016

Cultural Heritage at Risk – Engaging Civil Society and Media

Donor: Swedish Institute

The aim of the project is to raise awareness on heritage protection problems among wider public, increase communication capacity and visibility of the “Cultural Heritage Society Platform” as well as inform young people on heritage protection and management issues.

The main activities of the project are:

– Developing action and communication strategy for CHSP;

– Workshop for CHSP members on communication and advocacy techniques;

– Organizing monthly round-table discussions of CHSP on thematic topics – case studies; 

– Organizing journalists’ awards for best feature on cultural heritage;

– Establishing a “Heritage Club” – a training platform for youth interested in heritage;

Period: 04.2016 – 01.2017

Young Heritage Activist Camps Preparatory Project

Donor: Swedish Institute  –  Creative Force Programme Seed Funding

The aim of the project was to conduct working meetings of the partner organisations – the Georgian National Committee of the Blue Shield and Cultural Heritage without Borders in order to discuss the joint project proposal regarding the organization of young heritage activists’ camp.

Within the mission of CHwB Sweden and Albania office representatives to Georgia several meetings were held with various stakeholders of the project and the project proposal was further elaborated. The seed funding was also used to develop GNCBS’s website, print information brochures and assist with the organizational capacity building.


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