A focus group meeting in Koda

A focus group meeting in Koda
Within the framework of the “Protection of Cultural Heritage of Occupied Regions (Tskhinvali Region-PCHOR)” project, a focus group meeting was held in Koda with the displaced population from Didi Liakhvi Valley. For the first time, the meeting was also attended by young adults, who expressed great interest in the traditional games and rituals recalled by the elders and a desire to revive them and bring them back into their daily lives.
“For the Angels’ Day, I used to bake sugar bread and figures, I kept boiler butter and baked kadas with it, and then I served them to the angels in the closet, where the dishes were kept. We believe that every family has a guardian angel, and therefore we have always respected house angels. We asked for blessings, health and peace. My grandchildren also know the importance of Agnels’ Day. Many times, the offering has been left in the closet and the children have said that the angels kept it safe for us.” – IDP from Didi Liakhvi Valley, participant of the focus group.
The activities carried out within the framework of the project aim to preserve the cultural heritage of the occupied Didi Liakhvi Valley, raise awareness about it, and introduce the displaced population to society with their painful past, interesting traditions, and daily lives.
The project was created within the framework of the idea of the long-term project “Virtual Occupied Territories” of the Historical and Cultural Heritage Preservation Center. The project is organized by the National Committee of Blue Shield of Georgia and supported by a grant from the U.S. Embassy.

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October 9, 2023

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