Blue Shield’s Press Conference: Current Condition of Mikhail’s Hospital

On November 23, 2016 Blue Shield held a press conference on the topic of the current conditions of Mikhail’s Hospital. At the conference the journalists were given the information about alienation of the hospital and the planned construction on the territory. There are 4 monuments of cultural heritage on the site of the complex.

The place was sold to private company “AGHMA” in 2015 by the Ministry of Economics for 4 million US dollars.

The company is obliged to:

  1. Build minimum high quality “STR chain” scale hotel, with no less than 200 rooms, and casino by 16 November, 2018.
  2. Construct a Grade-A office building with no less than 10 000 m2 space by 16 December, 2019
  3. Make investment of no less than 57 760 000 US dollars by 16 December, 2019.

Entering Mikhail’s Hospital is currently forbidden. According to the law about the cultural heritage, the owner of a monument of cultural heritage is obliged to provide access to the monument for society. As ministry of Culture and Monument Protection is stating there is no accessibility law signed between them and “AGHMA”. Furthermore, the agreement of safeguarding and preserving the monument has not been done, that would maintain the historical value of it.

The territory has been empty for 2 years and the monuments are not kept safe. Neglecting the historical monuments increases the expenses of restorations.

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