Closure of the project “Young Heritage Activists’ Camp”

On September 13, closing meeting of Young Heritage Activist’s Camp participants was held in Cortyard Mariot. Participants of the camp introduced realized, as well as upcoming projects in the direction of cultural and natural heritage.
Activists have already cleaned up a Rustavi medieval castle from domestic waste and now they’re planning different events for popularization of the castle. Also, on September 12, Heritage Club activists will held photo exhibition on Samtske-Javakheti Islamic culture.

Upcoming events include issues of Ikalto restoration, Telavi Green Volunteers Day, Islamic Culturual heritage, Ateni horse trail development etc.

Participants wiere awarded certificates and Save Britain’s Heritage action guide which was translated in Georgian.

On 16-20 May, 2016 Young Heritage Activists’ Camp was held in Bazaleti Training Center. Through intensive training course participants of the camp received information about conservation, management, sustainable use and protection principles of cultural and natural resources. Project was funded by Forum Syd.

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