David Isaksson’s visit to Georgia

David Isaksson a representative of Global Reporting – a communication consultancy company is already in Georgia. He was invited by the Georgian National Committee of the Blueshield within the project “Cultural Heritage Cultural Heritage at Risk – Engaging Civil Society and Media”.

On September 20, Isaksson will conduct a workshop “Role of Strategic Communications” discussing the following topics:

  • A changing media landscape;
  • Role of Strategic Communication;
  • Discussion: what does this means for the Georgian context;
  • How social media works;
  • Brainstorming: communication ideas.

On September 21-22 Isaksson with  Annika Mangunson from Cultural Heritage Without Borders, will conduct more intensive course for cultural heritage activists.

Training sessions include following topics:

  • Introduction of participants. What are the expectations among the participants?
  • Introduction to strategic communication
  • Discussion: How can we use strategic communication
  • Group work: Defining target groups and way to reach them
  • Introduction Social media tools.
  • Discussion, social media, advantages and limitations.
  • Good campaigns to be inspired of. Examples. Discussion.
  • From activist to respectable force, what is the best way if you like to influence? Power analysis, who are the possible partners, where would we face the strongest resistance?
  • Hands-on work on campaign activities. Discuss outputs
  • Developing of a vision and action plan for the heritage society itself.
  • Communication between actors in order to strengthen the organisation.
  • Wrapping up. Developing of an action plan for future work.

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